I am Ágnes Garaminé Rozgonyi. I was born in Pécs in 1981 and attended primary and high school in my hometown too. Following my A-levels, I worked in London (UK) for a year after which I attended uni at PTE’s School of English. Throughout these years I came to realise the commitment and dedication I feel towards the nursery teaching profession, which is why I decided to study towards my nursery teacher degree at Kaposvár University (which I have already obtained), and graduated from PTE’s Faculty of Arts as Lead and Teacher of Public Education.

I live in Abaliget with my husband (who is a vet) and 2 children and own a number of dogs, cats and horses. Being close to nature in our every day lives is extremely important to me. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, playing tennis. Working and being with chidren every day help me remember how much beauty and magic lies in a little snail shell, leafs fallen from trees or in a rainbow after a heavy summery shower. What I love the most in children is that they think and act honestly and innocently and that their entire lives are enchanted by magic and tales.