I am Katalin Varju, teacher and complex kinesitherapist. I have been running play based kinesitherapy sessions for children – from infants to toddlers, also run group and one-on-one therapy for children with learning difficulties and disabilities as well as for children with behavioural challenges.

4 years ago, we launched a pre-school programme in one of the nurseries, whereby every child ready to start school was assessed. Following evaluation of the assessments, every child in the test group was supported taking under consideration their individual strengths and areas for improvement. The professional foundations to this development are originated from Mihalyne Kulcsar’s complex kinesitherapy.

We have introduced this programme here at PiCinke too. Our cooperation has a significant past. We work closer and closer together and our aim is to further enhance our children’s development and nurture them in a way that is most ideal for them. In order to get the little ones involved too, children are attending the classes in 2 groups so everyone can benefit from this hugely successful programme.

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