I am Mesa Rose Matthews, an American intern at Kiddi-Care. Before coming to Pècs, I lived in the wild west state of Wyoming where I was a preschool headteacher for 3 years. I have completed dozens of early childhood trainings, am certified in CPR and am experienced teaching ESL. I adore the way kids see the world and enjoy learning from them as much as I do teaching them.

I believe proper nurturing of children today is the key to ensuring a healthy society tomorrow and the most efficient way to do this is simply by playing with them. Through purposeful play, kids develop interpersonal skills, expand language capacities, build-up their general knowledge, and internalize life lessons, all while exercising their colorful imaginations! Since I have always been a kid at heart, nothing makes me happier than playing with children; therefore, I am constantly brainstorming fun new games and activities to try out with them. I am so happy to be working with such wonderful children and loving staff at Kiddi-Care!

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