I am Petra Sajkás, Kiddi-Care’s English teacher. I lived in one of the most gorgeous areas of England for a decade and a half with my husband and daughter, until our hearts pulled us back to our homeland, so we moved to Pécs.

Great Britain’s cultural diversity has changed my outlook on the world for good – when looking at people, I now try to find the unique, the intriguing and the individuality behind the ordinary and the cliches. Even more so when it comes to children. I love exploring in their tiny-weeny self their own little personalities and helping them to bring the best and most out of themselves.

At Kiddi-Care I am being supported to carry out this initiative. I can leverage the knowledge I gained in England throughout the years I spent there in terms of both, the free upbringing of children as well as English language.

I truly believe that early childhood determines the development of childrens’ personality, which is why it is so important that these years should be all about happiness, cheerful play and the exploration of the wide world. My ceramic artist background and qualification help me bring to life these initiatives. Us, grown-ups learn just as much from children themselves about their sincere and untouched world. This is why I am so grateful that I can work in such a place, where the world is so spotless and genuine.

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